Meet The Team

Here at Classic & Sports Auto Interiors, we all bring something a little different to the team.

We like to think that that is part of how we are able to offer such a personalised service, tailored to you and your everyday needs or your dreams for your project car.



Carl originally completed his apprenticeship under Tony McConnell before the official establishment of Classic & Sports as we know it today. Having worked at various places within the industry, Carl has the abilities and knowledge to tackle  any project you can think of from start to finishing touches. He has been a long standing employee for Tony prior to his venture into retirement and proudly remains on, running the workshop day to day. 



Jordan is completing his second year workplace based apprenticeship and again, began his journey with the Classic & Sports Auto Interiors learning from Tony and working with his close guidance. This type of apprenticeship, coupled with natural talent has allowed Jordan to excel beyond the realm of what most are tackling within their second year. He has a particular steady hand for hand-stitching somewhat tedious projects like steering wheels and a great eye for detail. Jordan won 1st year motor trimming apprentice of the year for 2018 through Holmesglen and this recognition is a direct reflection of his skill and dedication. 



Alicia has been involved in the Automotive industry from the sidelines through David and his line of work. That exposure, coupled with a background working in sales and as a seamstress, has allowed her to easily join the team in a support role, managing administration and assisting with customer enquiries. 


The original owner of Classic & Sports Auto Interiors, and forever a member of the team, although officially he may now be enjoying retirement. After a background of over 30 years in motor trimming and public transport seating, Tony established Classic & Sports Auto Interiors in 1997. With a special interest in Elfin cars himself, Tony has strived hard to be a leader in the industry, specialising in classic, sports and vintage cars. As well as all manner of everyday items.